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​      Our experience and entry into this industry is a little different from other estate sale companies, who may have credentials and backgrounds in antiques and/or property appraising.  Estate sale liquidations involve two main components - in most cases the Estate of a person(s) (whether it is formally probated or not) and the sale of that property.  These are the two main components of our backgrounds. 

      Linda Chaffin merged into this business from her 40+ years in the legal profession.   She has worked as a legal secretary/assistant for attorneys handling estate planning, probate, wills and trusts, and managing all aspects of the office for her attorneys.  She has a B.A. in Business Administration from California State University Sacramento.  In the course of her law office employment Linda accompanied her attorneys out to the homes of their clients searching for important documents such as wills, life insurance policies, asset statements, safe deposit box keys, etc.   On occasion, when clients were overwhelmed with disposing of the assets she would help in that endeavor.    She soon realized that this was something she liked to do and was good at.   When Linda set off in this industry she completed a course of study with the American Society of Estate Liquidators which she feels gives her credibility to working in this business.

     Linda feels that the strengths she brings to Chaffin Estate Sales rely primarily on her legal experience in working with executors/administrators, attorneys, probate referees, the courts and the law in general.  If you have lost your loved one and don't know where to start, she can give you direction from the beginning through the end of the sale.  With her background in business, you will find that she manages the company and your sale efficiently and competently from the signing of the retainer agreement to the final accounting and payment.

     We like to make visiting our sales a fun shopping experience.  Not only is our set-up shopper friendly by being neat and organized, we personally enjoy chatting and getting to know you.  Linda is partnered up with Glenda who is the sales specialist bringing 15+ years of experience in retail sales before transitioning over into this industry.  Glenda and Linda are assisted by a friendly team of sales personnel.  The team is very informative with customers sharing knowledge about the sale items with them and assisting customers in the selection of merchandise.  The sales team is always happy to make suggestions in home decor for instance, the grouping of certain items together,  color,  style,  etc.  If customers have questions or uncertainties about an item looking good in their home, the team can help them shop and select merchandise from the sale.   They often had ideas and suggestions for upcycling or repurposing those dated items that are often found at sales that need new life.

     To add to the integrity of the company, our sales are staffed by family and close family friends.